If you think you’ve been underpaid the minimum wage make a complaint to HMRC about your employer. This only takes 5 minutes and you can report your employer even if you no longer work for them. HMRC will contact you for any further details as needed and if it looks like you have not been paid correctly they will investigate your employer.

Minimum Wage by State and 2022 Increases

For employers with employees in multiple states, keeping up with the various minimum wage rate changes can be a daunting task. While some states are on a schedule for annual increases to eventually reach $15 an hour, more than 20 states follow the federal minimum. And, although the federal minimum wage of $7.25 has not budged since 2009, nearly half of the country will increase minimum wages for hourly workers after January 1, 2022.

Still with us? If you find it difficult to keep up now, keep in mind that some states including North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee have active bills in their legislatures for minimum wage increases that could take place later this year.

To ensure your organization is aware of the latest minimum wage requirements, Paycor has created a breakdown by state.

City/County Minimum Wage Rates

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Are you an employer?

Are you an employer?

National Living and Minimum Wage rates

23 and over 21 to 22 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice
Before April 2022 (previous rate) £8.91 £8.36 £6.56 £4.62 £4.30
From April 2022 (current rate) £9.50 £9.18 £6.83 £4.81 £4.81

Even if you are paying your employees at or above the National Living Wage or National Minimum Wage, you could still be underpaying them. This can easily happen when an employer makes wage deductions or doesn’t pay for all time worked.

Some of the most common mistakes are listed below. Check whether any of them could apply to your staff. If you discover you have been paying your employees below the correct minimum wage, you must pay any arrears immediately.

If an employee receives tips at work, they cannot legally be counted towards their National Living Wage or National Minimum Wage entitlement, they must be paid on top. If tips are counted as part of their pay, and you rely on them to bring their pay up to the National Living or Minimum Wage, then you could be illegally underpaying your staff.

If you have deducted your employee’s wages to cover the cost of items connected with their job such as uniform, a required dress code, safety clothing, or tools etc. then you may have been underpaying them. Deductions or payments made by workers for items connected with the job must not take a worker below the National Living or Minimum Wage for any given pay period.

If you require your employees to work any additional time added onto their shift, before the start or after it ends, but don’t pay for this time you could be illegally underpaying them. Examples include time spent passing through security checks, attending handover meetings between shifts or helping to open up shop before trading begins. If you do this regularly, this unpaid time can quickly add up and you might find that you are failing to pay the National Living or Minimum Wage.

The apprentice National Minimum Wage rate applies to genuine apprentices only, those employed on a recognised apprenticeship scheme or engaged under a contract of apprenticeship. Apprenticeships must incorporate structured training.

If an apprentice is aged 19 or over and have completed the first year of their apprenticeship, then they are legally entitled to at least the National Living or Minimum Wage relevant to their age group.

Apprentice training or study time is working time so should be paid accordingly. It does not matter whether training takes place at work, college or elsewhere. The training can even be outside normal working hours.

Age affects the rate a worker should be paid on the National Living or Minimum Wage. If you didn’t review your worker’s pay on their 18th, 21st or 23rd birthdays and were slow to make any adjustments, you may not have been paying them correctly.

The new National Living and Minimum Wage rates were introduced on 1 April 2022. Employers must start applying the new rates in the first pay reference period that starts on or after this date. Pay reference periods are usually set by how often someone is paid, for example one week or one month.