Is your character making you sick?

by LifeBlogger on March 12, 2012

Personality does more than determine our life social circle.


A growing body of scientific evidence reveals that personality can affect our health and our longevity, as some characteristics associated with ills ranging from heart disease to dementia ….
The theory that the character can affect our health life is very old, but only recently  started to accumulate research data that give it substance.

As explained Dr. Stephen Boyle, from the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral science at Duke University, North Carolina, is now well documented that mental health factors related to physical health – and the characteristics of  personality belong to this factors.

But this does not mean that every personality trait is harmful. There are some that make us good. Here is what has learned the science on the effects of some of the most often.

Cynicism: People who are cynical, suspicious and not trust others – namely those who are hostile personality – have increased risk of developing heart disease.

These people are not necessarily strung, but tend to perceive as hostile the movements of others, says Dr. Boyle.

In a study of more than 300 volunteers who were healthy when register for this, Dr. Boyle and colleagues concluded that those who had higher scores on  hostility tests, had 25% more chances to suffer heart disease.


Scientists believe that the inherently aggressive people experiencing intense , which may increase levels of a protein of our immune system which is called C3 and related with various diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. In  Dr. Boyle’s study, volunteers with more aggression had increased levels of this protein in their blood.

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