GIG ideas For Fiverr – How to make money on fiverr

by LifeBlogger on April 3, 2012

Make money on fiverr and discover some good fiverr gig ideas!

How to make money on fiverr ? its easy just read how i made my first 20$

Fiverr is the easiest way to make money on the internet! especially if you have a hobby and you are good at it you could make a good income from fiverr.

I made my first 20 dollars the first week i discovered fiverr just by adding 1 link to my page rank 3 blog! i couldn’t believe it was so easy to make money on fiverr but eventually i realised that i really could make a secondary income from fiverr

the next  month i added 10 more gigs and pooof! EASY money!

I highly suggest you fiverr if you need an alternative money income.


Here are some ideas for fiverr gigs :


1. If you are good at Photoshop you could design logos or anything you are good at! Photoshop designs are very popular people needs them and will buy them!


 2. Do you have a nice voice? are you a singer? do you play any instrument? Another great idea! ” i will sing  happy birthday to anyone for 5 dollars” , ” i will play a track of your choice on piano for 5 dollars” ” i will record a professional voice for your business”


3.Do you have a blog? a website? if you have a page rank you could sell links on your site for 5$


4. Do you have a Facebook page with a lot of fans or a lot of followers on twitter? you could make something like this : ” i will advertise your page on my facebook or twitter page with 5000 fans 3 times a day for 2 days”


5. If you are a good writer you could write articles and sell them on fiverr for 5$ People buy them!


You can use your imagination and you will succeed !

Tip: Add a video to your gig people love videos as they will trust you much more!


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