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The truth about useless abdominal training exercises and “ab devices”

by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Nutrition Expert


I was at a poker event in North Jersey within the weekend at a buddy’s home. My buddy had came into this gorgeous new house about a yr ago, but I had not made it up for a trip till this weekend.

Well, since they was offering us a tour of the home, we took a look into one of their extra rooms that was not being used for something. The only thing they had within this room was one of those commercial “ab loungers” blanketed in dust… you know, the ab-chair looking thingy which they hawk on the commercials as the end-all answer to a unattractive belly… telling you that you could have a flat stomach and excellent abs simply by sitting on this thing and rocking slightly as you lazily watch television.

The intelligently promoted infomercials for these things attract you in by demonstrating you the ripped sexy abs of the male and female fitness models which they employed for the demonstrate (who have never ever really used these gadgets them selves…they actually got their ripped near-perfection bodies by using REAL workouts and strict nutrition!)

Well, since this “ab lounger” was sitting in this empty room becoming dusty, clearly it has not been really used, therefore it was really a throw away of their cash which they spent on it.

Despite, even if it had been used frequently, it could never have granted my buddies the results they were seeking for, since commercial ab gadget machines (or any ab exercises for that matter), never achieve the most crucial aspect of truly building flat six pack abs…


And even worse, just for kicks, I leaped on this “ab lounger” and gave it a shot… I need to say, I have never performed any abs workout where I felt it LESS in my ab muscles… In fact, this piece of crap lounger wouldn’t even feel like it has been making my abs work at all!

It felt more like a lounge chair I should use to relax having a beer at a barbecue.

My point of this story is that there are still lots of people every single day that fall for these gimmicks and throw away their hard-earned cash on every ab-gimmick that arrives next.

Abs workout

So exactly what does it REALLY take to obtain flat hot six pack abs?

1. It requires some dedication to performing REAL workouts… complete body multiple combined workouts applying proper combos of the most efficient exercises for revitalizing the discharge of fat burning hormones within your body and boosting your metabolism to new levels. These are the real kinds of exercises that actually activate the burning of abdominal fat and raise your metabolic rate to reduce body fat over your whole body.

2. It requires introducing your self to REAL nutrition… not trend diets, not strict hunger, not overly processed “diet” foods, not fake “extreme fat loss” drugs… but a really nutrient-dense organic healthy diet that FEEDS your body with what it needs rather than starving it.

3. It requires the proper success mindset to accomplish these aims to be able to set every thing in to action and make it part of your daily life permanently. This mindset factor is the one usually overlooked and one of the causes most of the people fail in getting their wanted body.

If you don’t have already got a copy, all these techniques are detailed inside my worldwide best-selling program – The Truth about Six Pack Abs.

Thousands of users in 143 countries globally have already used the program to change their view on real fitness permanently. Take a look at frequent questions And answers about this abdominal fat loss program to see if this program is a good suit in your case.

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Abnormal Sweating – Three Remedies to avoid Sweating /abnormal-sweating-remedies-to-avoid-sweating/ /abnormal-sweating-remedies-to-avoid-sweating/#comments Fri, 08 Jun 2012 14:08:01 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=374 beat sweating demons

More than 8 million people in The United States alone suffer from excessive sweating. Sweating excessively is classified as a medical problem that causes an exceptional level of sweat to be excreted in excess to that essential for normal body regulation. Even though this medical problem will not be lethal, it can be essentially uncomfortable. Needing to continuously check for wet stains under your armpits or the terrible odor can definitely ruin a person’s self confidence.

Luckily, you don’t have to accept hyperhidrosis always. We have outlined 3 herbal solutions to prevent excessive sweating . If you adhere to these tips, you are on the right path to sweat free life.

Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a drink which is jam packed with the very vital vitamin B. Vitamin B has been proven for being extremely good for fighting excessive sweating. Therefore if you want to stop sweating soon, take in 1-2 glasses of wheat grass everyday. Within weeks of drinking this powerful natural remedy, you shouldnotice a huge reduction in sweat.
beat your sweating demons

Sage is yet another natural medicine that’s outstanding to stop sweating. Brew 1 tablespoon of sage leaves or 1 teaspoon of sage powder to a cup of boiling water. Nevertheless, when you opt for sage leaves to brew, you must be extremely careful as if you over brew the leaves, it might turned out to be toxic. But when done the way it should be, you will be able to notice a decline in sweat in just a week or two.

For The complete Ebook Check This

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is among the most known natural treatments for combating excessive sweating. It has been tested to be effective over time, so take 1 tbs of lukewarm ACV every morning. If you maintain the dosage long enough, you should be able to get rid of sweating.

These three natural remedies are intended to keep sweating away. If you wish to forever cure excessive sweating, one of the best alternative to choose is to obtain a stop sweating guide. Such guides will walk you through precise instructions on what to do effectively to ensure you stop sweating once and for all. Should you frantically want to stop sweating, I highly recommend that you buy a stop sweating guide.

Sweating too much does not have to be a lifelong burden. The sooner you take action, the faster you’ll experience the sweat free life you at all times desired. Learn how to Prevent Excessive Sweating right now.

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How To Get A Lot Of Likes on 9GAG! /how-to-get-loads-of-likes-on-9gag/ /how-to-get-loads-of-likes-on-9gag/#comments Fri, 11 May 2012 12:25:07 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=357 9gag Likes


Have you ever been in Hot page (frontpage) of 9gag? if no i have the solution for you only by life blogging!


So here is the trick to get shitload of Likes on 9gag :

1. Upload a post to 9gag

2. Go to your profile (

3. scroll till you see the post you want to get likes and just press the L button or click the Like as many times as you want each time you click it you get a like! ( you cant see it but you get it)

4. Go to the post eg.( now you can see you got loads of 9gag likes :)




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Youtube History – See What Youtube Looked Like in the past /youtube-history-see-what-youtube-looked-like-in-past-2005-till-now/ /youtube-history-see-what-youtube-looked-like-in-past-2005-till-now/#comments Sat, 05 May 2012 12:54:17 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=330 What youtube looked like in the past

Youtube History. See what youtube looked like the day it launched(2005) till 2011!

All pictures was captured from the wayback machine you can see all the major changes of youtube over time on this pictures or go to wayback machine and see more youtube captures!


What youtube looked like in May 5 2005 (the day it launched):

youtube may 5


What youtube looked like in june 14 2005 :

youtube june 14 2005

What youtube looked like in june 30 2005:

youtube june 30 2005

What youtube looked like in july 31 2005:

youtube july 31 2005

What youtube looked like in december 31 2005:

youtube december 31 2005

What youtube looked like in july 1 2006:

youtube july 1 2006

What youtube looked like in december 27 2007:

youtube december 27 2007

What youtube looked like in december 31 2008:

youtube december 31 2008

What youtube looked like in december 1 2009:

youtube december 1 2009

What youtube looked like in july 29 20011:

youtube july 29 20011

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Over 5000 artists have chosen to advertise on Pirate Bay! /over-5000-artists-have-chosen-to-advertise-on-pirate-bay/ /over-5000-artists-have-chosen-to-advertise-on-pirate-bay/#comments Fri, 20 Apr 2012 16:59:42 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=316 promo bay

The pirate bay advertise!


Even though the Pirate Bay is black listed by the record companies, and by extension the artists, managers decided to take advantage of the huge traffic and provide advertising space to promote artists (musicians, writers, cinematographers, etc.) .


pirate bay

The plan started from the beginning of the year, with a certain confidence to achieve, but now they are impressed by the engagment, since so far, more than 5000 artists have expressed their interest , with 90% of whom are musicians who obviously know that obscurity is a bigger problem than piracy.


The artist who wants to advertise should give something of his work for free, but the gain is definitely greater. A typical example is George Barnett, who succeeded in a few days to get more than 4.000 fans on the Facebook Page  he maintai while the video got 85.000 views!!


However, the aim of  the Pirate Bay is not to create new stars, but something greater for all:

We are in the top 60 sites worldwide. This event fills us with the responsibility to use our website for a greater good. When I think it, it’s silly all the rest of the Top 100 sites to foist advertisements for their own benefit. We proceeded with this move with love for fun and culture, therefore,we represent everything that is not accounted by large the companies


Note that one of the hardcore supporters of this movement is Paulo Coelho.



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Life Blogging hype and types /life-blogging-hype-and-types/ /life-blogging-hype-and-types/#comments Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:21:41 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=307 life blogging

Life Blogging


Life Blogging will be the hype during the last couple of years. Main businesses possess released Life blogging types which have countless individuals. The word Life blogging has become the sociable phrase which just about everyone determines. It could be an internet pattern which has associated individuals worldwide.

Life Blogging can make it very easy to discuss info, contact other people, as well as other things that have you been can imagine}. Individuals weblog casually, regarding function, a spare time exercise, along with retains individuals pressing members of the family and also others. Weblogs possess basically changed the usage of a website, certainly not totally, however nearly!

There exists hardly any internet as well as style encounter necessary. For this reason huge numbers of people possess joined up with the particular world wide web. Web sites like Myspace. com and also Myspace possess refined designs where one can customize them all, which function exactly the same.

These web sites are generally greatly well-known and also individuals different are utilizing them all regarding numerous sorts elements.

The particular dialogue effectively people is one of the finest advantages of Life blogging. Not merely is in fact info supplied, but additionally offers outstanding advertising.

Organizations utilize weblogs in order to up-date information regarding their own organization, items, and also remedies. The straightforward content articles termes conseilles can make it convenient regarding quickly and lots of up-dates.

Clients as well as consumers may keep suggestions and also connect to the organization. Therefore if you happen to be a person or perhaps a organization life blogging this is the technique to get the details away along with connect to other people. Creativeness is vital and also keeping info published regularly can make guests want to return repeatedly. This kind of creates visitors as well as the actual weblog effective!

Are you currently truly thinking of journeying enormous guests your site?

]]> /life-blogging-hype-and-types/feed/ 0 Living Details, Your daily life Record Depends upon Exactly how You Perform the overall game of Life /living-details-your-daily-life-record-depends-upon-exactly-how-you-perform-the-overall-game-of-life/ /living-details-your-daily-life-record-depends-upon-exactly-how-you-perform-the-overall-game-of-life/#comments Mon, 09 Apr 2012 16:07:28 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=299 life record

Here i will discuss a unique Life living fact:


Your personal “life record” depends upon just how you carry out the sport. Particularly, attempting to is determined by how you carry out the specific “second half” of the game. Loitering of lifestyle, it is extremely pain-free to have caught in the final results of the general game along with lose your focus. That is in terms of starts to feel such as if you are dropping the sport. About to catch acquiring the outcomes you desire within your life time.

I read the post on a blog just recently, known as, The following Half Is about To start with. It is a typical article that describes the idea of taking pleasure in “halftime” in order to recast your means for the best way to take pleasure in the sport of presence.

It really is well balanced, just in case anyone strategy home buying prior to each and every Brand-new Year’s as being a halftime bust line of designs, the concept provides you with for you to reformulate what you like get ready. The concept provides you with for you to reshape from the work document, as we state, and also to make much more profitable that you just.

You may be much more advisable now compared to previously and you have substantially less than residing expertise to get collected. For one step back that you can reveal, you will notice what is together with isn’t carrying out work well at what you like. Almost all it will need to slice the experience all-around is almost always to come up with a many adjustments together with attack which has an up-to-date sense involving vitality along with electric power.

All it will require can be a time to redouble concerning the winning reward you may be taking part in designed for.

What exactly on earth are you considering taking part in designed for? Just what adjustments inside event you help to make communicate strategy right now? Distribute them together. Replace your own earning life technique, fixed your own purposes obviously, then begin playing spouse. Obtain stock to determine exactly how from the work document then inside the effects you begin to find out

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GIG ideas For Fiverr – How to make money on fiverr /how-to-make-money-on-fiverr/ /how-to-make-money-on-fiverr/#comments Tue, 03 Apr 2012 21:23:13 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=275 alternative-income-fiverr

Make money on fiverr and discover some good fiverr gig ideas!

How to make money on fiverr ? its easy just read how i made my first 20$

Fiverr is the easiest way to make money on the internet! especially if you have a hobby and you are good at it you could make a good income from fiverr.

I made my first 20 dollars the first week i discovered fiverr just by adding 1 link to my page rank 3 blog! i couldn’t believe it was so easy to make money on fiverr but eventually i realised that i really could make a secondary income from fiverr

the next  month i added 10 more gigs and pooof! EASY money!

I highly suggest you fiverr if you need an alternative money income.


how to make money on fiverr

Here are some ideas for fiverr gigs :


1. If you are good at Photoshop you could design logos or anything you are good at! Photoshop designs are very popular people needs them and will buy them!


 2. Do you have a nice voice? are you a singer? do you play any instrument? Another great idea! ” i will sing  happy birthday to anyone for 5 dollars” , ” i will play a track of your choice on piano for 5 dollars” ” i will record a professional voice for your business”


3.Do you have a blog? a website? if you have a page rank you could sell links on your site for 5$


4. Do you have a Facebook page with a lot of fans or a lot of followers on twitter? you could make something like this : ” i will advertise your page on my facebook or twitter page with 5000 fans 3 times a day for 2 days”


5. If you are a good writer you could write articles and sell them on fiverr for 5$ People buy them!


You can use your imagination and you will succeed !

Tip: Add a video to your gig people love videos as they will trust you much more!


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How to Get rid of Stress and Anxiety. Few Easy Steps! /how-to-get-rid-of-stress-and-anxiety/ /how-to-get-rid-of-stress-and-anxiety/#comments Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:10:35 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=238 stress prevention

Get rid of stress! Its easy!


Stress is a state of inner tension. In a mild form and accompanies many of the individual effects of stage and wakefulness, which increases the individual’s readiness for action and reaction.

When stress is mild in intensity, it helps the individual to understand more properly the difficulties or dangers and react more quickly and efficiently. But since the intensity of stress increases to the point to produce the opposite effect, that persists even though the original cause has now been eliminated or created serious enough without cause, then it becomes a problem for humans.

  • Manifestations of stress.

Stress manifests itself in many different forms. The same person can complain of anxiety, inner agitation, inability to find rest, for dizziness, headaches, tightness in the neck, precordial discomfort, gastrointestinal disorders more often in the form of spastic colitis, difficulty to keep his attention concentrated for a long time on a subject and many other atypical symptoms. Apart from anxiety, feelings of the individual  are characterized either by phases of anger or bouts of wrath and sometimes depression accompanied by remorse and guilt.

When stress is somewhat more intense, it eliminates peace and joy through the individual, and also dominated by a vague fear for his health, for his ongoing situation or the possible unpleasant developments in his life or the life of his relatives. The more intense the anxiety, the more unable the person is to meet its obligations, to solve a problem or to decide in front of a dilemma.

Finally, in some cases, when the stress is particularly intense, can manifest itself in the form of crisis  terror and panic.

  • How is stress caused

The main factors that can be implicated in the creation of stress are:


Temperament. It has been proven that everyone is born themselves in terms of temperament. Some are more or less anxiety from birth.


The upbringing. The upbringing and childhood experiences  often feed us with anxiety. If for example we had parents in childhood require of us more than we can deliver or if we lived close to anxious people that were transmitting their own anxiety to us, it is natural that we too have anxiety.


Failures. If we repeatedly had unexpected failures in the past , if we had the misfortune to encounter more difficulties or obstacles than others around us, then we may have developed anxiety inside us.

Do not worry about:

AThings that must be changed and which can be changed. Just Fight to change them!

BThings that must change but there is no way to change them. Accept and adapt them. Because sadness in this situation, is not only useless but also harmful!


Dangers and difficulties. In everyday life there are many risks, sometimes real and sometimes imaginary. There are also many responsibilities and problems that are pushing us every day, demanding their solution. Such situations might include: threats to our health, the value of our existing, our professional or our family situation, fears about possible unpleasant developments that can disrupt our lives or take away the presence and the love of our relatives. Any real or imaginary situation that threatens to deprive us or prevent satisfaction of basic needs, can lead us into anxiety.


Doubt about our capabilities. Anxiety is easily created inside us when we doubt our value or our abilities. It should be noted that even seemingly small or insignificant obligations that we are unable to fulfill them, can create anxiety inside us when they threaten our self-esteem.


The dilemmas. Stress can be created inside us when we face dilemmas or need to get a big decision. Faced with such situations you can waver between two trends: the solution to move or to hold over? To say Yes or No? dare something risky?


Internal conflicts.  Stress is often created by conflicts that are inside us, between our desires or expectations on the one side, and the restrictions dictated by conscience or surroundings, on the other.


Guilt. Mistakes, failures or sins of the past that we have not made sure to get rid of them with confession to God, generates us a lot of concern, anxiety or phobia.


Overload. Finally, the more we take to our shoulder burdens and problems such as ours and our close people’s we are forced to run from morning till night or tormenting our minds, the greater the anxiety within us.



Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress depends on its intensity. Intense anxiety or panic attack situations, they need medical treatment, while milder forms can be overcome with proper guidance and without the use of anxiolytic drugs. Anti-anxiety medications have proved a very good way to deal with situations of stress or panic.

Today it is possible that the intensity of anxiety can be reduced significantly in a short time and the patient can be relieved. This of course does not mean that the person is exempt from stress. So an integrated approach  must be defined, which consists of two parts: the anti-anxiety medication and supportive psychotherapy.

Anti-anxiety medications are used for a few weeks and rarely for a few months. Then the dose is gradually reduced. For some of them (benzodiazepines, etc.) there is a risk of addiction or dependence, so it can not be reasonably used by patients without medical guidance.

Supportive psychotherapy is meant to help the patient to alter the stressful conditions of his life, or, if this is not possible, to enhance his ability to resolve difficult situations.



Stress prevention

The correct solution would be the person to rid of the causes that can lead to anxiety. However this can not always be applied in action, the solution is to strengthen the body’s resistance to tolerate stress situations without causing anxiety or, better to diversify his internal world to the point that he is not affected by situations that otherwise would cause stress.

But how can this happen? I mentioned here a few simple instructions, however, if they applied, they can prevent the person from the risk of creating or increasing anxiety inside him.

ADo not try to reconcile the irreconcilable. For example, no one can be married to a woman and the same time be lover to another woman.

BDo not load yourselves with double weights.

CDo not stay for long in doubt or dilemmas. The extension of an uncertainty can make us mentally exhausted.

DAccepting minor situations, if we can not change them easily.

ETo properly evaluate the priorities. The first things to be placed in the first place and be the first target of our lives. The minor things can be left aside for another time.



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Google street view in amazon! /google-street-view-in-amazon/ /google-street-view-in-amazon/#comments Thu, 22 Mar 2012 16:53:07 +0000 LifeBlogger /?p=222 google amazon street view

In honor of World Forest Day, yesterday Google released Street View footage from the Amazon


This project originated about two yeas ago with this amazing idea to bring Street view technology to the Amazon  as a way to bring people who are online all over the world to the Amazon to see the beauty of the forests and the beauty of the river for themselves

google street view trike

google street view trike amazon

The Street view Trike is a vehicle developed by Google that uses the cameras that collect Street View images on top of the cameras. And they’ve adapted it on top of a tricycle so that the vehicle can collect  images where cars can’t go.


Tour the Amazon with Street View


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