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3 Things Your Professor Hates About Your Essay

by LifeBlogger on October 4, 2017

Every year students submit thousands of college papers to their professors. The challenge that students face is writing a college paper that their instructors will approve of. The challenge that professors face is dealing with college paper writing that can be nearly infuriating.

Make no mistake, this isn’t about writing that is still maturing or students who are struggling with subject matter. Professors are very forgiving about mistakes and are willing to offer college paper help. Although, this shouldn’t be confused with easy grading. A good instructor will ding you for your mistakes, and then seek ways to help you to better understand the material.

What really gets under your professor’s skin are these three grating habits that many students show in their writing. If you are wondering, ‘how can I write my college paper so that my professor respects my efforts?’, keep reading.

1. Use of Jargon And Big Words

While there are times when it is appropriate to use technical terminology and words that are not generally known by the public at large. However, in so many instances this is not the case. Instead, use of technical jargon and fifty cent words is nothing more than an attempt to impress and establish authority where it does not exist.

Give yourself a reality check. If you are using a complicated word or phrase because it is appropriate for your audience, then go ahead. Just remember that no teacher is going to buy college papers or give you good grades if they think you are using big words to seem smarter than you are.

2. The Inability to Use Acceptable Sources

Yes, you probably know that Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic source. The question is, do you understand that many other sources are also not legitimate? This is where things genuinely get complicated.

It used to be generally accepted that websites ending in .gov or .edu could be trusted as references. Sadly, nearly anybody can create a website with whatever suffix they choose. Because of this, you have to be absolutely vigilant about the sources that you use.

Research the sources that you use. Know who owns these websites or who is behind these publications. Be aware of sites who don’t post original source material.

3. Idealogues

An ideologue is someone who is so enamored with an idea or philosophy that they have the ability to twist every topic they discuss into their pet issue. It’s okay to be passionate. However, if your professor sees that you turn any writing assignment into an opportunity to soap box, they are going to be irritated with you.


Remember that your professors are here to help you. They will direct you if you have questions, and act as a resource and advocate. Just keep in mind that it is so important to avoid these irritating bad habits. Don’t forget that you can have college papers written for you from best essays service. We always have college papers for sale.



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