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3 Things Your Professor Hates About Your Essay

by LifeBlogger on October 4, 2017

Every year students submit thousands of college papers to their professors. The challenge that students face is writing a college paper that their instructors will approve of. The challenge that professors face is dealing with college paper writing that can be nearly infuriating.

Make no mistake, this isn’t about writing that is still maturing or students who are struggling with subject matter. Professors are very forgiving about mistakes and are willing to offer college paper help. Although, this shouldn’t be confused with easy grading. A good instructor will ding you for your mistakes, and then seek ways to help you to better understand the material.

What really gets under your professor’s skin are these three grating habits that many students show in their writing. If you are wondering, ‘how can I write my college paper so that my professor respects my efforts?’, keep reading.

1. Use of Jargon And Big Words

While there are times when it is appropriate to use technical terminology and words that are not generally known by the public at large. However, in so many instances this is not the case. Instead, use of technical jargon and fifty cent words is nothing more than an attempt to impress and establish authority where it does not exist.

Give yourself a reality check. If you are using a complicated word or phrase because it is appropriate for your audience, then go ahead. Just remember that no teacher is going to buy college papers or give you good grades if they think you are using big words to seem smarter than you are.

2. The Inability to Use Acceptable Sources

Yes, you probably know that Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic source. The question is, do you understand that many other sources are also not legitimate? This is where things genuinely get complicated.

It used to be generally accepted that websites ending in .gov or .edu could be trusted as references. Sadly, nearly anybody can create a website with whatever suffix they choose. Because of this, you have to be absolutely vigilant about the sources that you use.

Research the sources that you use. Know who owns these websites or who is behind these publications. Be aware of sites who don’t post original source material.

3. Idealogues

An ideologue is someone who is so enamored with an idea or philosophy that they have the ability to twist every topic they discuss into their pet issue. It’s okay to be passionate. However, if your professor sees that you turn any writing assignment into an opportunity to soap box, they are going to be irritated with you.


Remember that your professors are here to help you. They will direct you if you have questions, and act as a resource and advocate. Just keep in mind that it is so important to avoid these irritating bad habits. Don’t forget that you can have college papers written for you from best essays service. We always have college papers for sale.



You actually would think that this personal narrative would be the simplest of the college papers. Since of course, what can be easier than creating a college paper about yourself. However, the simple truth is all university papers composing is hard in the very own way.

Of course, when you need college paper assistance and would like college papers created for you, we are often here to support with that. If perhaps you would rather compose your individual article instead of buying paperwork on the internet for college or university, continue reading. We think you will like these suggestions.

Generate a Fabulous Hooky Introduction

*Record Scratch*

*Freeze Frame*

‘That’s me. You could be wondering how I got myself personally into that situation…’

If you're a fan of memes, you may be acquainted with these. If you're not, it’s the mention of the method used by eighties sitcom creators to have the audience’s interest directly at the start of a series. Basically, a character finds his or her self in the difficult problem, and so the episode displays precisely how they got there.

Your composition needs its record scratch, freeze frame moment in your beginning. It is possible to achieve that giving out some tiny bit of the finishing in the beginning. Below are several illustrations:

  • Never imagined I would personally own my business at the age of 15.

  • 1 year at ocean totally changed my lifestyle.

  • I didn’t believe I want to have summertime in India. When I left, I became so happy that my partner and i came.

    Remember That Your Current Target Audience Knows Practically Nothing

    Probably the greatest thing about creating personal narratives is that it generally offers you the ability to share a fascinating story concerning your life and also experiences. These are typically the same stories you have shared with between friends and family members forever.

    Remember that people who are knowledgeable about you and the people you know don’t need a lot of additional information. People reading your own personal narrative essay don’t get that kind of exposure as well as understanding. They want context so that they can understand fully what you're trying to say.

    For example, when you speak to your good friends and family about somebody named ‘Rob’ they are fully aware you might be talking about a step-brother that is famous for being bit of a braggart. When you discuss ‘Rob’ in your narrative, you will have to submit these facts.

    Use Sensory Phrases

    Take the audience in your experience using sensory phrases. Talk about how you felt, what things tasted like, the particular smells, the sounds, etc. Come as close as you're able to get them to have an understanding of the particular thoughts and sensations you actually felt. Let the creativity flow. Swap words like happy, unhappy, and delicious with words that are a lot more detailed as well as are usually a lot more expressive. Satisfied, squashed, as well as scrumptious are several possible choices.


    The best personal narratives are usually powerful stories where the reader is delivered into your world as well as experiences. By using the ideas above, your personal narrative can become much more impressive and fascinating for your readership.



  • Only the thought that you have to write not just an essay, but a college admission essay can bring anxiety to many people. Considering that these pages may very well determine your future, may fill you with dread and the desire to postpone it until the last minute.

    Furthermore, an application essay will reveal your personality. All your grades and records are part of the application, but this essay can say what your interests are, what's your passion or how creative you really are.

    Rest assured; you're definitely not the only student who experiences difficulties in writing this kind of essay. And of cource, you may want to find best essays from the best writers. But, we've put together a few tips that will ease your concerns!

    1. Pay attention to coherence

    Writing a college paper is not a novel. You don't have to try to say everything about yourself in only a couple of hundred words. Be precise and explain through arguments why or what you want to do. Don't blabber about non-important things. Always reread the paragraph and see if you've pointed just one idea. Take each thing at a time and remember that a coherent essay is easier to read.

    1. Be yourself

    Although it sounds like an advertising billboard, it's important to say something true about yourself. This is not the time to compare your achievements to the class' president. Write about something you did and take pride in it.

    1. Use your imagination

    No matter the subject you have to write about, take a moment to imagine the person who's going to read your essay. That person doesn't know anything about yourself, your friends, or your family. Always be careful to create a story that offers details, like "my brother John" or "my baseball coach". This little trick will determine the reader to relate to you as a person.

    1. Avoid jokes

    Maybe you are a funny person, but don't use jokes in your essay. A sense of humor is appreciated by someone with a similar sense of humor. Not everybody laughs at the same jokes. Not knowing personally the person reading your college application or the state of mind he/she'll have while doing so, may turn your innocent joke into an out-of-the-line joke.

    1. Stand up for what you believe

    An excellent college paper doesn't have a majority's point of view, but it has a well-thought opinion. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Colleges appreciate diversity, so be controversial if you can. Always balance the ideas and explain them. Also, take into consideration other perspectives.

    1. Start slowly

    The first step is a draft. This will allow you to put your ideas on paper. After, read it and improve it. Be careful not to repeat yourself. See if the paragraphs connect to each other or if you haven't divagated from the main point. Ask for feedback from friends and family and be malleable in making changes.

    1. Remember the little things

    An excellent admission essay has to be grammatically correct and with proper punctuation, and it also has to be well written. Proofread your paper and look for any mistakes that could make the reader dismiss it due to writing errors.

    Also, pay attention to names and years. Never shorten the name of a book and check to see if you've spelled it correctly. If you make references to historical events, make sure you've got them right.

    A college admission essay is an important part of the application, so try to be concise, accurate, smart and also likable. Don't over do it and respect its terms. A 250-word essay means that you can write 320 words, but not 700 words. Hope these pieces of advice helped! And you understand that college papers written for you by you is the best.  Good luck!



    Doing something out of passion doesn't necessarily mean you're never going to postpone it. Writing is a solitary type of work, so procrastination may have a daily or weekly appearance. Even if you like do write, the chances are that an approaching deadline for a book may very well resemble hell for you. Transforming writing into a daily activity takes work. To maintain a strict routine, you need a schedule, a timer, books and above all, the desire and motivation in order to finish another page, another chapter, another book. Here are six ways that might just keep you on track! 1.

    Use a whiteboard

    Although writing takes imagination, sometimes we get stuck. We have a concept in mind, but we can't figure out what would be the best course for a character. A whiteboard allows you actually to see what's going on. Compare it to a labyrinth if you will. You've started here, and your end game is there. Figure out where you are in between. It's easier to connect the dots if you have the whole picture right in front of you. 2.

    Use a timer

    You don't have to be an athlete to need a timer. This device can help you keep your focus for a certain period. Usually, a writer has deadlines imposed by a publishing house. Maybe you just have 2 hours per day to write. By setting the alarm, you know for sure how much time you've spent writing today. Also, a timer will have a beneficial effect on your self-esteem as well. By knowing that you've worked for a number of hours, you'll feel more in control of your writer's abilities. 3.

    Use apps

    The Internet is a marvelous thing! There are even apps that will offer solutions to a plot, help you create a character or install your own personal goals. If you're having trouble imagining what would be a great attribute for a character, an app can give you a solution. These types of apps don't have to dictate your novel but can offer you some ideas which you can further develop. 4.

    Use plugins

    Plugins represent another tool to fight off procrastination. The online provides a variety of plugins with a broad range of features. Search online and find out which one is the right one for you. Plugins are made to limit distractions, so they can help you overcome your urge to procrastinate work. 5.

    Use videos

    Sometimes, famous writers make a video of themselves about how they managed to concentrate long enough to finish a book. Search and see if you can't find some pieces of advice that will work for you. Postponing work is normal, but in an office, you have superiors and co-workers to push you from behind. Writing doesn't offer that much human contact. Look up a writer that you love and follow some points. 6.

    Use a schedule

    This might be one of the best ways to keep you writing so far! An agenda can be divided into chapters, just like a book. Place a sign on the date you are today and another, on the day you want/have to finish writing. Set an approximate number of pages you want your novel to have and divide it by the number of dates in the agenda. For example, I have 300 pages to write, starting now (13 December), until the 30th of May. So, I'll have 300 pages/197 days = 1,5 pages/per day. It may seem a bit too mathematic for some people, but it works great! Another way could be to disconnect your phone, give yourself a treat after each written page, or play with your dog for 10 minutes, after an hour spent working. Basically, figure out what works best for you and stop procrastinating!



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